Presence in Coaching

I’ve tried a couple of ways of keeping session records for coaching:

Take notes while I’m in session

Take notes when I’m done

For all kinds of reasons, when I don’t take notes during the session, but instead stay present and aware of my client’s voice, energy and patterns of speech, the outcome is always deeper and more effective.  I usually note observations and commitments in my client file when the session is over so I can follow up later.  

My own presence is not just affected by multitasking.  I can get distracted by noise, visual activity outside the window, reminders popping up on my laptop.  So I settle myself with intent before I start a coaching session, take some deep breaths, clear my mind.  If I can hear myself breathe and count to 50 without losing my place, then I’m ready to attend and listen effectively.

Anyone have a similar experience?


2 Responses

  1. Absolutely! I think every successful Coach does. That’s why I try and record my Coaching sessions via audio (either phone or micro-recorder).

    Good post!

    Jeffrey Summers

    • Thanks, Jeffrey!
      That’s a great idea. How do you negotiate privacy issues with clients?

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