Exercise: Observing the party

I invite you to try the following exercise:

You are standing on a balcony looking down on your life, as if you were at a party watching the revellers, and you see yourself in the crowd. You are fascinated. You watch yourself engaging with some people, avoiding others, watching others, moving from place to place sometimes following, sometimes seeking, sometimes lost and waiting.

With that image in your mind, and a sense of objective fascination and curiosity about yourself, what do you observe about yourself in your life right now?


5 Responses

  1. Great exercise! How objective can we be about ourselves? Can we really detach ourselves from our senses, our emotions to be really observant? Can we separate our “Calculating Self” from our “Central Self” (Zander & Zander)
    Cheers, Paul

    • Thanks, Paul!
      I wonder if there’s another option – a “meta-self” that can observe all?

  2. I’m starting to engage with people, after many years of holding back. I am still hesitant – more hesitant than I need to be.

    • Wonderful, Luke!
      Can you find the source of that hesitation? As you watch yourself at the party, where and when do you hesitate? If you can slow the tape right down and go frame by frame, where is the trigger to stop (hesitate)?

  3. Talking to people I don’t know, especially talking to a group who know each other.

    There’s a fear that I won’t be accepted, that I’ll look stupid or just out of touch (awkward, ridiculous) and won’t fit in.

    Not sure if that’s answering your question: let me try again.

    On the tape, approaching a small group that’s already in conversation is difficult. Finding an opening, waiting for a break in the conversation, joining – that’s where I hesitate on the tape.

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