Attributes that make vendors valuable to CIOs

In, Eric Lundquist in CIOInsight lists the attributes CIOs believe make employees valuable who are headed for mid-level manager positions (Society for Information Managers (SIMS)).  

Turns out they are the same attributes that make vendors valuable, too.  In my opinion, they are the attributes that make ANYONE valuable!

All of those attributes are coachable.

All of those attributes are made better through adaptability: to the boss, the customer, the team, the environment, the economy…

See the list below:




1. Ethics and Morals. 



2. Collaboration and teams. 



3. Critical thinking and problem solving.



4. Communication oral and written. 



5. Project leadership.



6. Managing expectations and user relationship management.



7. Decision making.



8. Business analysis. 



9. Creativity and innovation.



10. Budgets, leadership and project integration.



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