Time to replace the old paradigms?

In contrast to static engineered solutions which so often die on the vine, self-organized solutions survive and prosper and create organizational success.  Self-organizing, diverse, local solutions build adaptive capability in the path of ambiguity and chaos. People who choose to learn new paradigms skillfully respond to change in ways that matter to them.  They and their network become experts at change in their world, seeking more change, building the niches of the future.  They become more efficient and more effective at getting to what really matters to a business than any external program will ever be.  


All of life adapts at the edge of chaos.  The industrial revolution left us with a model of human interaction and human systems that we still have not given up.  We cling to the machine model of people because it is easy to measure, easy to tinker with and its failure to accomplish real change has created decades of work for consultants.  Those organizations who have pursued adaptive self-organization are living on the edge of an experiment millions of years old, and they have prospered and survived.  They beings who use this model are more likely to survive and prosper.  It’s time to start learning from them again.


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