A coaching model for adaptive behaviour

Adaptive behaviour:

Any behaviour that enables an organism to adjust to a particular situation or environment.


A simple model for adaptive behaviour:


Connect with others

Learn and adapt




How I, as a coach, use this model with you, as a client:

In my work with teams as a coach, instructor and consultant, I have learned or developed tools to get great results out of each step in this model.  Together we’ll work on questions like the following:  


What things are important to notice?

How can you get really good at noticing those things, things that will be important to you or your team or your family?  

How can you get good at choosing between what is important to notice and what isn’t?  How do you live with the ambiguity that you may be wrong?  Or right?  


Connect with others: 

How can you connect deeply with the people who can give the best help?

Who is the right person to connect to?

What if the right person is someone you are afraid of, like your boss?  

Or someone you don’t like, like a co-worker?

Or someone younger than you, or older, or different, or the same?

How can you use diversity to build the most resilient connections?


Learn and adapt:

How do you learn?  

How can you expand your learning styles to allow you to take in a wider variety of information and retain it better?  

Or give up what you’ve learned when it no longer serves you? 

Once you have learned, how do you apply that learning in the new context?

How do you gracefully give up old paradigms and adopt what will work now and in the future?



When you know what needs to be done, do you do it?

What might hold you back?  What might you be willing to let go? 

What action should you take, if any?  

How do you honour what you’ve learned in the past while you stay open to ambiguity, risk and potential?



Then, how do you stay energized, positive and open to starting all over again?

The Adaptive Coach – for business people at the edge of change

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